Troop 230 Eagle River, Alaska

Welcome to the website of Troop 230!

Troop 230 and Troop 219 make history as first scouts to hike to the Aniakchak Caldera. July 2012. Photo: Taylor H.

The Troop in Boy's Life

Hello and welcome to the site of Troop 230! We are an active Boy Scout troop based in Eagle River, Alaska. Visit our events page to see what is going on.

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Scoutmaster Updates:

Date: 2016-02-07 14:18:08

Name: Update for February 9

This Tuesday, February 9, is a regular meeting and dress is Class A.  This Tuesday, Life Scout Elijah Emory will lead a presentation on First Aid.  Patrols will then get together to check their Patrol boxes and other items assigned by the Scoutmaster.  Quartermasters will continue work on the cage specifically helping Patrols make sure their Patrol boxes are complete.

This Tuesday is the final signup for the Great Alaska Council Freezoree, February 19-21 at Hilltop Ski Area.  Cost is $30 (cash only) plus $10 lift ticket and $10 ski rental (paid directly to Hilltop).  We only have one adult signed up and we will need at least two more in order to make this outing occur.

Summer camp signups continue through February 23.  You must put down $205 by the 23rd in order to receive the early bird price ($335).

I am still collecting applications for the New Scout Patrol leader and Troop Guide.  You must fill out an application that is signed by your parents in order to be considered.

The Troop Court of Honor is scheduled for March 8.  I am still looking for a Scout to be the Master of Ceremonies (which fulfills a requirement for the Communications Merit Badge).  Please see me this Tuesday if you are interested.

Date: 2016-02-01 15:48:11

Name: Update for February 2

This Tuesday, February 2, is a regular meeting and dress is Class A.  Scouts at this meeting will work in Patrols learning/practicing knots.  These knots are necessary for Scout rank advancement but also used in camping situations and so are important to practice.  Patrols will also work on a Patrol yell and if desired, design a new Patrol flag.  Afterwards there will be a Patrol Scout Skills competition to win ribbons to put on your flag. 

This Tuesday we will also have a visit from the Webelos 2 of Pack 293.  Please make them feel welcome and show them what a great Troop we are!

Eagle Scout photo:  We are trying to get our 2015 Eagle Scouts together for a photo.  If you are available this Tuesday please stop by the meeting at 8:00PM in uniform.

Outdoor Activities:  Signups continue for the Great Alaska Council Freezoree held Friday, February 19 thru Sunday, February 21 at Hilltop Ski Area.  Scouts that attend will have the opportunity to earn the Snow Sports merit badge.  Cost is $30 per Scout (in cash to Troop 230) plus $10 for a lift ticket and $10 for ski rental paid to Hilltop Ski Area (daily).  We have one adult signed up and we will need at least 2 more.  Signups will end next week (Feb 9).

There is also a possibility of another overnight campout this Friday for Below Freezing points (depending on the weather).  It will be held at Camp Gorsuch.  Arrive by 7:30PM on Friday, February 5 and bring a foil dinner.  Scouts will need to be picked up by 8:30AM Saturday morning.  No cost.  Signup is this Tuesday only.

New Scout Patrol Leadership:  We are going to need leaders for the New Scout Patrol that will form with the crossovers in February/March.  We need a Patrol Leader and a Troop Guide.  If you are interested in this position please submit an application as soon as possible as it would be good if we had leaders in place for the first crossovers.

A Scout is Reverent:  Remember that this coming Saturday, February 6 is Scout Sabbath.  Sunday, February 7 is Scout Sunday.  The United Methodist Church will celebrate Scout Sunday on February 14 and members of the St. Andrews Catholic Church here in Eagle River will celebrate on Sunday, February 21.  Please wear your Class A uniform to church on Scout Sunday and participate in services if you can.

Date: 2016-01-25 16:12:54

Name: Update for January 26

This Tuesday, January 26, is a regular meeting and dress is Class A.  This meeting the Scouts will work on earning the Firemn Chit by learning the proper way to start a fire, especially in the wet and cold.  If possible, Scouts who need the Totin Chip will work on that as well.  We will also make final preparations for the Quinzee campout this weekend.

The location of the Quinzee campout may be changed from Hatchers Pass to Turnagain Pass depending on the quality of snow.  I will travel to Hatchers Pass this Friday morning to see if we can camp there.  I will let the Troop know by midday Friday.

Thanks to all the adults who planned, cooked for, attended, and taught at the Merit Badge Lock in this weekend.  It was a great success because of your efforts. 

Scouts-Mr. Fleener will be available at this Tuesday’s meeting to finish merit badges, Mr. Woodring has said he will be available if you have completed work on Chess, and I will be available for Moviemaking.  You must turn in your worksheets and present your movie.  Please have it available in a format that we can put on the computer and show to the Troop.

I am currently trying to get the Troop calendar updated with all activities, including the extra trips in preparation for Chilkoot.  Please let me know if there is anything missing.  I should have them all in before tomorrow’s meeting

Date: 2016-01-18 10:38:19

Name: Update for January 19

This Tuesday, January 19, is a regular meeting and dress is Class A.  We will have final preparations for the Merit Badge Lock in next weekend, January 22-24.  The Troop library will be available for Scouts to check out Merit Badge books.  Quartermasters will continue working on the Troop cage.  Scouts will also have a uniform inspection.  If time remains there will be instruction for those Scouts who need to earn the Totin Chip.

Outdoor Activities:  We will have signups for the Quinzee campout at the end of the month and signups for the Council Freezoree in February.

Date: 2016-01-11 10:16:56

Name: Update for January 12

This Tuesday, January 12, is a regular meeting and dress is Class A.  Alex Reber and Zayde Tyson will instruct Scouts on the building of quinzees for our quinzee campout at the end of the month.  Michael Reber will lead a demonstration on the proper gear to bring to a winter campout.  Scouts who have signed up for the Cooking Merit Badge will continue preliminary work.  Troop Librarian, Matthew Masterson, will make the library available to Scouts.  Quartermasters will work on the Troop equipment.

Fees will be collected for the Merit Badge Lock In on January 22-24.  The cost is the same as last year, $35 for Scouts that sold at least $400 of popcorn, otherwise it is $65 (cash or check).  No fees for adults.  You must also fill out a Troop permission slip.

Signups will begin for our quinzee campout on January 30-31.  This is a one night campout to allow Scouts the opportunity to build and sleep in a quinzee.  Scouts would leave early Saturday morning to build their quinzees, sleep in them overnight and the next day go sledding.  It is tentatively planned for the Hatchers Pass area but may be moved to Turnagain Pass depending on snow conditions.  Cost would be $15 plus 2 cans of soup for suicide soup dinner.  Scouts will bring a lunch for Saturday.

Date: 2016-01-03 19:05:02

Name: Update for January 5

This Tuesday, January 5, is a PLC (Patrol Leaders Council) meeting for Jr. Leaders, Patrol leaders, Asst. Patrol leaders, Troop Guides, Scribes and Scoutmasters.  We will plan our meetings for the next two months. Dress is Class A.  Scouts, if you have any ideas for Troop meetings or outings please contact your Patrol leader.

Cooking Merit Badge:  Those Scouts signed up for the Cooking Merit Badge will meet this Tuesday, January 5, to work on the merit badge.

Upcoming Events:

Merit Badge Lock In:  The Merit Badge Lock In will be Friday, January 22 to Sunday, January 24 at the United Methodist Church, 16430 Old Glenn Hwy.  There have been emails sent out regarding the class schedule.  Scouts should be working on their Merit Badge worksheets to get as much done before the lock in as possible. Merit badge books can be found online or if you want the Merit Badge book please contact our Troop librarian, Matthew Masterson.

Council Freezoree:  The February Troop event is to attend the Council Freezoree, February 19-21.  The theme of the Freezoree is to earn the Snow Sports Merit Badge. Please visit the Great Alaska Council website for more information.