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Troop 230 and Troop 219 make history as first scouts to hike to the Aniakchak Caldera. July 2012. Photo: Taylor H.

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Hello and welcome to the site of Troop 230! We are an active Boy Scout troop based in Eagle River, Alaska. Visit our events page to see what is going on.

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Scoutmaster Updates:

Date: 2015-03-02 16:41:53


Congratulations to former Troop 230 Scoutmaster, Jim Pappas, who this past weekend received the Silver Beaver award from the Great Alaska Council in recognition for his outstanding service to Scouting.

Date: 2015-03-01 18:36:51

Name: Update for March 3

This Tuesday, March 3, is a regular meeting and dress is class A.  Please remember that flags start at 7PM so Scouts should arrive at 6:45-6:50 to help set up so we can start on time. This Tuesday the Scouts are going to work on advancement so all Scouts below First Class should bring their Scout books with them.  Scouts above First Class will help with instruction of Scout skills. 

Scout leadership applications are also due at this meeting, elections will be on March 17.  All Scouts First Class and above should be submitting an application for a position within the Troop.  Applications must be submitted whether the position is an elected or appointed one. 

Tayler Gongliewski was selected new Scout patrol leader with Kristoff Finley as Asst. Patrol leader and Alex Reber as Troop Guide.  If your application was submitted for new Scout patrol leader or Troop Guide please see me on Tuesday to change your desired position.

Signups for the Alaska Rock Gym outing (March 28-29) will begin this Tuesday.  Cost is $20.  A helmet is required and both Troop permission AND Alaska Rock gym liability forms must be filled out.  Youth and Adult liability forms can be found on the Alaska Rock Gym website while Troop permission forms can be found on the Troop website. 

Also, we will begin signups for summer camp.  The Troop is going to attend Lost Lake camp near Fairbanks, July 5-12.

Date: 2015-02-22 14:05:53

Name: Update for February 24

This Tuesday, February 24, is a regular meeting and dress is Class A.  This meeting the Sharks patrol will lead the Troop in a lesson in astronomy, working towards the Astronomy merit badge.  Scouts who are interested in this badge should print out the merit badge worksheets prior to the meeting.  After some instruction indoors, Scouts will head outside to look at the stars and moon (weather permitting).  Scouts should dress appropriately for the weather and bring a pair of binoculars (if you have one).  If you have a device with a star gazing or star chart app, you may bring it if you wish.

New Scouts from Pack 228 and 219—See page 17 of your new Scout handbook and prepare yourselves to earn the Scout rank badge this Tuesday.  Review all the items and be sure to go over the pamphlet in the front of your handbook with your parents.  Many of these requirements are those that you have already learned as a Webelos when you earned the Arrow of Light.

This Saturday, February 28, is the crossover for Pack 293.

Date: 2015-02-15 22:07:07

Name: Update for February 17

This Tuesday, February 17, is our Troop Court of Honor.  Dress is Class A with sash.  This will be a dinner Court of Honor with an “All American” theme and these Patrols are responsible for the following:

Main dishes:  Jr. Leaders, Scorpions                                                                                                                                                                

Side dishes:  Spartans, Nomads

Drinks/Ice:  Zombies

Desserts:  Sharks

Please remember our start time is 6:30PM not 7PM so please arrive around 6:15-6:20.

Date: 2015-02-09 09:44:51

Name: Update for February 10

This Tuesday, February 10, is a regular meeting and dress is Class A.  We will have a presentation on the making of quinzees and cold weather camping.  Signups for the upcoming winter campout will be available at the start of the meeting only, and Scouts below First Class will have pack checks for this campout.  If you are interested in filling the position of New Scout Patrol Leader or Troop Guide you must get an application to me before the beginning of this Tuesday’s meeting as we will try to get those positions filled by the end of this meeting.

Next Tuesday, February 17, is our Troop Court of Honor.  The theme is “All-American” food and here is what each Patrol is responsible for:

                Main dishes:  Jr. Leaders, Scorpions

         Side dishes:  Spartans, Nomads

                Drinks/ice:  Zombies

                Desserts:  Sharks

We also need Scouts to participate in the Court of Honor ceremony.  Please see Michael Reber if you are interested in a specific part.

Date: 2015-02-02 01:34:09

Name: Update for February 3

This Tuesday, February 3, is a regular meeting and dress is Class A.  Scouts will have an outdoor orienteering activity so bring a compass and dress warmly.  We will have Webelos visiting us from Packs 219 and 228.  Signups continue for the winter campout February 13-15 and merit badge cards are due if you wish to receive them at the February 17 Court of Honor.

If you are needing a Scoutmaster Conference please let me know ahead of the meeting so that we can fit it into the meeting time.  Some meetings are busier than others, so I want to make sure that we get the opportunity to get it finished.  Scoutmaster Conferences can be performed by myself or any of our other Assistant Scoutmasters.  Once your Conference is finished you may then schedule a Board of Review with Mrs. Barbara Knaak who has taken over the Advancement Chair position from Mrs. Moore.

Applications are due for the upcoming New Scout Patrol Leader and Troop Guide.  We may have one or two New Scout Patrol leaders depending on how many Webelos cross over.  We will begin interviews as soon as possible in order to have these positions filled before the upcoming Pack crossovers.  Applications for other Troop positions must be received by March 3 for our elections on March 17.