Troop 230 Eagle River, Alaska

Welcome to the website of Troop 230!

Troop 230 and Troop 219 make history as first scouts to hike to the Aniakchak Caldera. July 2012. Photo: Taylor H.

The Troop in Boy's Life

Hello and welcome to the site of Troop 230! We are an active Boy Scout troop based in Eagle River, Alaska. Visit our events page to see what is going on.

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Scoutmaster Updates:

Date: 2015-01-25 18:36:32

Name: Update for January 27

This Tuesday, January 27, is a PLC meeting for Scout leaders and adult leaders.  Dress is Class A.  We will make plans for Troop activities for the next month.  Quartermasters need to be present so they can clear the trailer from our previous campout.  Any Scouts with clean and dry Patrol boxes, tarps or tents should return those to the Quartermasters this Tuesday.

Signups for the February winter campout (Feb 13-15) will continue on February 3.

Scouts who wish to be a New Scout Patrol leader or Troop Guide can begin submitting their applications.  We will conduct interviews as soon as possible so that the New Scout Patrol leaders may attend the upcoming Webelos crossovers.

The next Troop Court of Honor will be held on February 17.  More details will come after the PLC meeting.  If you have any completed Merit badge cards you must turn them in by the February 3 meeting to insure receiving the badge(s) at the Court of Honor.  Also, if you are ready for rank advancement you must get a Scoutmaster Conference THEN contact Mrs. Knaak for a Board of Review.  The last opportunity for a Board of Review will be February 3 if you want your Rank recognized at the Feburary Court of Honor.  Remember:  Mrs. Knaak must be notified in advance for a Board of Review so that she can make sure Board members are available.

Date: 2015-01-18 23:11:52

Name: Update for January 20

This Tuesday, January 20, is a regular meeting, dress is Class A.  We will once again meet at the Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, 18444 Old Glenn Hwy.  Scouts will be outside learning flashlight signaling and playing a flashlight tag game so dress warmly and bring a flashlight.  We will also do a service project for the Church.

During this Tuesday’s meeting, Scoutmasters and adults will meet to discuss the upcoming calendar of activities.  We need to determine what adults will attend and lead these Scout outings.

Next Tuesday, January 27, will be a PLC meeting for adult and Scout leaders.  We will be back at the Lions Club.  We will determine our Troop activities for next few months.  Quartermasters will be needed to unload the Troop trailer and receive gear from the Otter Lake campout.

Date: 2015-01-15 11:16:46

Name: Update for January 15

Congratulations to Nate Woodring, Troop 230s newest Eagle Scout!!!

Date: 2015-01-11 13:16:13

Name: Update for January 13

This Tuesday, January 13, is a regular meeting and dress is Class A.  We will meet again at the Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, 18444 Old Glenn Hwy.  We will finish preparations for the winter campout at Otter Lake, January 16-18.  Patrol boxes that were sent home last week need to be brought back clean so that we may pack them in the trailer and Quartermasters will insure the trailer is ready.  Grubmasters will be distributed their money to buy food supplies.  Pack checks will continue for Scouts below First Class rank.  A demonstration will be made on Morse code for all the Scouts.

 Next Tuesday, January 20, during our regular meeting, there will be a meeting for Scoutmasters and other adults who plan on attending our Troop campouts.  This meeting is intended to determine Scoutmaster leaders for each campout and get an idea of the number of adults who may be participating.

Date: 2015-01-05 01:46:08

Name: Update for January 6

This Tuesday, January 6, is a regular meeting.  Dress is Class A.  We will not be meeting at the Lions Club as they are doing work on the flooring.  We will meet at the Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, 18444 Old Glenn Hwy at the regular meeting time of 7-8:30PM.  This meeting we will begin signups for the winter campout at Otter Lake, January 16-18.  Patrols will begin preparations for the campout.  Patrols will check their Patrol boxes for completeness and send them out to be cleaned.  They will determine menus and assign grubmasters.  All Scouts below the rank of First Class will have pack checks.  Please consult the attached winter pack list to insure you are packed correctly.

Date: 2014-12-21 16:39:41

Name: Update for December 23 and 30

This Tuesday, December 23, and next Tuesday, December 30, there will be no Scout meetings.  I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!  I look forward to seeing everyone at our next regular Troop meeting on January 6.

The Eagle River Lions Club is holding a Christmas Day dinner from 12 to 2PM.  Please consider giving back to our chartered organization by setting up, serving, or cleaning up.  

On Saturday, December 27, we will do neon bowling at the Eagle River Bowl from 7 to 9PM.  Cost is $13.  If you did not get signed up to attend please let me know by next Friday, December 26. 

Upcoming events:  We have a winter campout set for Otter Lake at JBER on January 16-18.  Signups will begin on January 6.  Scouts should start preparing for the campout by consulting the winter campout checklist to make sure you have the proper gear (see attached).  Too many Scouts were unprepared at the Orienteering campout so we will have pack checks Tuesday, January 6, for Scouts below First Class rank.  More information to come.