Troop 230 Eagle River, Alaska

Welcome to the website of Troop 230!

Troop 230 and Troop 219 make history as first scouts to hike to the Aniakchak Caldera. July 2012. Photo: Taylor H.

The Troop in Boy's Life

Hello and welcome to the site of Troop 230! We are an active Boy Scout troop based in Eagle River, Alaska. Visit our events page to see what is going on.

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Scoutmaster Updates:

Date: 2014-10-20 00:27:54

Name: Update for October 21

This Tuesday, October 21, is a regular meeting and dress is Class A.  This meeting we will have a presentation to the Scouts about cold weather camping, what to bring and how to pack.  All Scouts who were on the Orienteering campout need to bring their clean and dry tents, tarps and Patrol boxes to this meeting.  The Librarians will be working with the Troop library, checking out books and preparing for the upcoming Merit Badge lock-in. 

Speaking of Merit Badges, our new Advancement Chair is Mrs. Barbara Knaak who is taking over for Mrs. Michelle Moore.  If you have any questions about Merit Badges or need a Board of Review please talk to Mrs. Knaak.  Remember:  You must complete your Scoutmaster Conference with the Scoutmaster or Asst. Scoutmaster before you can schedule a Board of Review. 

Upcoming Events:

The JLT (Junior Leaders Training) for our Troop is currently scheduled for Saturday, October 25, from 8:30AM to 1:30PM at the Our Redeemer Lutheran Church on the Old Glenn Hwy.  This meeting is required for all Scout leaders whether you have attended one before or not.  It is an opportunity for the SPL to set the agenda for the Troop and to make sure we all work together toward that goal.

The Lions Club will be holding their Gun Show the weekend of Oct. 25-26.  They will need Scouts on Sunday, October 26, to help clean up by putting away the tables and chairs and some sweeping.  It does not take very long and it counts towards service hours.  If you can help, please arrive between 3:30-4PM at the Lions Club in your class B uniform.

Date: 2014-10-13 16:21:37

Name: Update for October 14

This Tuesday, October 14, is a regular meeting and dress is Class A.  This meeting, ASM Curtis Vik will do a presentation on the dangers of drugs, tobacco and alcohol.  Quartermasters will handle the return of Troop gear from the orienteering campout (make sure that tarps and tents are clean and dry and Patrol boxes have clean utensils).  Patrols will also compete against each other for the awarding of the Rubber Chicken. 

Tuesday is also a Troop Committee/Parents meeting.

Everyone should have received an email about our Troop rechartering.  Please read that email as we need our rechartering completed by October 28.

Date: 2014-10-05 19:30:21

Name: Update for October 7

This Tuesday, October 7, is a regular meeting and dress is Class A.  We will have preparations for our Orienteering campout next weekend, October 10-12.  Quartermasters will load the trailer.  Patrols will finalize their menus and get money to their grubmasters.  Patrol leaders should have already checked their patrol boxes to look for missing items and to clean their utensils.  We will have pack checks for Scouts below First Class.  Tents will be assigned to Scouts.

Also for Tuesday we will have a map/compass review led by Michael Reber and Tayler Gongliewski.  Scouts should remember to bring a compass to Tuesday’s meeting.

Packing tips:  Look on the website for Scout packing lists.  Scouts who are packing for the campout, please remember that you need your compass.  Also, Scouts should remember to pack rain gear not only in case it rains but also because when walking through the woods the wet grass and fallen trees can get your pant legs wet.  Another set of shoes and some extra dry clothes can be helpful.  It will be cold so remember to bring warm clothes/gloves/hat to keep you warm both day and night.  In order to prevent any eye injuries from tree branches, Scouts also need to bring a set of safety glasses.

POPCORN REMINDER!!  All popcorn order forms need to be turned in this Tuesday, October 7. 

Date: 2014-09-29 09:01:45

Name: Update for September 30

This Tuesday, September 30, is a TLC meeting for all newly elected and appointed Scout leaders and Scoutmasters.  Dress is Class A.  We will determine the schedule of events for the Troop for the next few meetings.

Date: 2014-09-21 13:01:09

Name: Update for September 23

This Tuesday, September 23, is election night for Scout leadership.  Dress is Class A.  Those Scouts running for positions should consider bringing their sash.  We will elect a new Senior Patrol Leader, Quartermasters, and Patrol Leaders.  We will also divide the Troop into the new Patrols so all Scouts should plan on attending.

The Junior Leaders Training is mandatory for all new elected and appointed leaders.  It is scheduled for Saturday, September 27. More details to come.

This Tuesday is also the last day to order a Wiggy’s sleeping bag through the Troop with the Boy Scout discount.  The order form must be turned in by September 30.  The Wiggy’s sleeping bags are rated to 40 below which is essential for our winter campouts.  The Scout price is $305 (Regular price is $420).  Registered adults in the Troop can also take advantage of this sale.  This discount is only offered once a year so if you need a winter sleeping bag don’t miss this opportunity.

Signups continue for the Orienteering campout set for Friday, October 10 thru Sunday, October 12 at Gwen Lake on JBER.  The cost is $20 and you need to bring a foil dinner for Friday night.  Adult drivers who do not have base access need to sign up and provide full name, driver’s license number, state of issue and date of birth at Tuesday’s meeting in order to get on base.

Date: 2014-09-11 23:02:53

Name: Update for September 16

This Tuesday, September 16, is our Court of Honor.  Dress is Class A with sash.  We have a start time of 6:30PM.  Please arrive earlier to help set up tables and chairs.  This Court of Honor will have a dinner and the theme is “American” food.  The main course of hamburgers, hot dogs and buns will be provided by the Troop. These Patrols are responsible for the following:

Chips, Veggies and Side Dishes:  Zombies, Phoenix and Sharks

Drinks and Ice:  Jr. Leaders, Nomads

Desserts:  Bears and Spartans

This meeting is also the deadline for turning in leadership applications for the elections on September 23.  If you are First Class rank or higher, please consider running for a leadership position.

Scouts will also select their top Merit Badge choices for the November Lock-in.

The Wiggy sleeping bag order form will also be at this meeting if you are interested in ordering one.  The deadline for orders is September 30 to receive the Boy Scout discount.