How To Repair Water Damaged Sheetrock

Water Can Damage The Very Structure of Your House

Water Damage brings with them a series of interconnected problems faced by the indoor environment of your property. Wet carpet, water damaged floor, wet furnishings, mold formation, odor, wet walls, are some of the aftermaths of damages caused by water as a source. The most dangerous of them is the wet wall situation as it can lead to structural collapse. The condition of a structural or wall failure occurs when the water has been seeped inside the structure of wall thereby making them moist and weak. If you are unable to hire a water damage restoration professional, then you will be forced to carry out this task by yourself. We will provide you some essential steps which can be adopted while drying the walls of your property by yourself without any expert supervision.

Wet Sheetrock Repair

The steps involved in this process are:

• First of all evacuate all furnishings, accessories, wall hangings and artwork from the water damaged area so that the drying process can begin without any obstruction.
• Then with the help of high-intensity fans and dehumidifiers, start the process of wall drying. This equipment can easily be rented from any restoration company and is very useful for drying the surface as well as inside structure of the wall.
• The process can be left just like that. The drying process should be monitored closely for 12 hours or until the drying process is done. If the walls are still not dry in 12 hours time, then you can cut out the wet drywall to circulate warm air inside the wall. The walls must be adequately dried you may experience a problem of mold formation.
• Only after drying the entire area can you begin to replace the drywall. If you have to remove drywall from a large area, you may need to use a plywood backer. For a small area, you can apply a drywall patch nailed to the studs. Drywall and the original wall surface should also be taped so they can be joined firmly.


Your Best Option is Professional Help

By following these steps, you can successfully restore your water damaged wall. Remember it is necessary to dry up the walls. If you are not sure how to handle the task alone, you should immediately hire a water damage restoration service. Time makes the situation worse. Remember the more you delay the drying process, the higher the possibility mold will take a hold spread throughout your home and you’ll have the added expense of mold remediation.